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Government Of Assam Industries & Commerce Assam Industrial Development Corporation Ltd

Land Bank of AIDC Ltd.

  • Sl. No. Name & Types of Assets Location Particulars Land with Quantity Status of Land
    1 AIDC HEADQUARTER COMPLEX (Land and Building) R. G. Baruah Road, Near Doordarshan Kendra, Guwahati-24, Kamrup (M) Periodic Patta No. 30, Dag No.831 of Japarigog Village part(I), Mouza-Beltola, Dispur, Kamrup (M) (7 Bigha 4 Katha 13 Lessa) Construction of a multistoried commercial complex is under consideration.
    2 AIDC STORE YARD (Land and Building) G. S. Road, Near Times of India, Bhangagarh, Kamrup (M) Periodic Patta No. 1164, Dag No.3286 & 2790 of Village Japorigog Part (II), Mouza- Beltola, Dispur Circle, Kamrup (M) (3 Bigha 2 Katha 4 Lessa ) Proposal for construction of a Commercial & Business hub with car parking is under process for GMDA approval
    3 N. E. Tannery Land near Jorabat (Land and Building) About 1KM from Jorabat in Panbari Mouza of Sonapur circle, Kamrup (M) Periodic Patta No.26, Dag No.43 of Amerigog N.C. village, Mouza- Panbari in Sonapur circle, Kamrup (M) (17 Bigha 0 Katha 10 lessa ) The Land is under the process of lease out for setting up of Resort or any other acceptable Economic Activies therein.
    4 Export Promotion Industrial Park, Changsari (Land and Industrial infrastructure developed in the park) Changsari, Kamrup (R) Dag No.275 of Numalijolah village, Silasundarighopa Mouza, Circle - North Guwahati, Kamrup (R) (197 Bigha ) Infrastructure facilities is already Created
    5 Parg Bosimi Synthetics Ltd., Sipajhar, (Land and Building) Bhutardol village near Sipajhar of Lokrai Mouza Periodic Patta No.34, Dag No.701 of Bhutordal gaon of Lakrai Mouza, Sipajhar Circle, Darrang (299.01 Bigha ) The entire land has been leased out to PBSL.
    Proposal for balance vacant land is submitted by PBSL for a Textile Park under PPP mode.
    6 Integrated Infrastructure Development Centre, Dalgaon (Land and Building) Village Rohinikash of Pub Sialmari Mouza Sarkari Dag No. 133 of Rohinikash village of Pub Sialmari Mouza in Dalgaon Circle, Darrang (105 Bigha) Infrastructure facilities is already created.
    7 Industrial Growth Centre, Matia (Land and Infrastructure build on the land) Mornoi, Dohikota and Tinkuniapara village of Matia, Goalpara Govt. land 662.04 Bigha under different dag nos. of Mornoi village, 67.57 Bigha under different Dag nos. of Dohikata village and 943.2 Bigha under different dag nos. of Tinkuniapara village, Matia Circle, Tohsil- Matia, Goalpara (1762 Bigha) Infrastructure facilities is already created
    8 Industrial Growth Centre, Balipara (Land and Infrastructure build on the land) Balipara near Hahsura T.E. 1047 bigha ceiling surplus land from Hahasura T. E. covered by different dag nos. of Goroimari Mouza, Chariduar Circle, Sonitpur (1199 Bigha ) Infrastructure facilities is already created.
    9 Integrated Infrastructure Development Centre, Bhumuraguri/ Naltoli (Land and Infrastructure build on the land) Bhumuraguri/ Naltoli, Koliabor, Nagaon 59 bigha from dag no.253, 12 bigha from dag no.255 of Bhumuraguri and 52 bigha from dag no.111 of Naltoli, Koliabor, Nagaon (123 Bigha ) Infrastructure facilities is already created.
    10 Land at No.2 Pipol Pukhuri, Lanka (Land ) No.2 Pipol Pukhuri, Lanka Special Periodic Patta No.2, Dag Nos 996, 997, 998 of Pipol Pukhuri village, Mouza- Kaki, Hojai Sub Divison, Nagaon (847.22 Bigha ) The Land leased to Dalmia Bharat Cement Group for setting up cement project.
    11 Land of Shree Shree Mahalakhmi Textiles (P) Ltd. at Benganaati (Land and Building) Vill: Benganaati, Mouza: Niz Sahar, Nagaon Periodic Patta No.289, Dag No. 460 of Benganaati, Niz Sahar Mouza (12 Bigha ) Pipeline project for construction of Cold storage and warehouse under ASIDE scheme.
    12 Border Trade Center, Golokganj (Land and Building) Lakhimari Pathar Part-I of Golokganj Circle Periodic Patta land directly purchased from different Kh. Nos., Patta Nos., Dag Nos. Under acquisition 1.48 bigha covered by PP No.20, 111(old), Dag Nos. 230/127 B, 228/130 B, 226/127/512 B (24.19 Bigha ) Infrastructure facilities is under construction
    13 Integrated Infrastructure Development Centre, Pathsala (Land) Pathsala, Barpeta Government Land, allotted 50 bigha from dag no.281 of village Pathsala and 50 bigha from dag no.1/290 of Titkagoria village of Sariah Mouza, Bazali Circle, Pathsala, Barpeta (100 Bigha ) Infrastructure facilities is under construction
    14 M/s. Biman Cloth Mills (P) Ltd at Hawly (Land and Building) Hawly, Barpeta Periodic Patta No.47, Dag No.306 of Banniamari Village, Hawly Mouza (4 Bigha ) The Unit is likely to be sold in auction.
    The company submitted OTS proposal for finalization of return back of Assets
    15 Integrated Infrastructure Development Centre, Nalbari (Land and Building) Nathkuchi, Nalbari Periodic Patta No.375, Dag No.976, 1142 of No.2 Nathkuchi, Nomati Mouza, Nalbari (33 Bigha 04 Katha 10 Lessa) Infrastructure facilities is already created
    16 Integrated Infrastructure Development Centre, Titabor (Land and Building) Kundergaon VGR of Thengal Mouza, Titabor Dag Nos. 334,373,374,383,384,385 & 507 of Kundargaon Mouza, Titabor Circle (120 Bigha) Infrastructure facilities is already created.
    17 Integrated Infrastructure Development Centre, Demow (Land and Building) 4 KM from Demow in Naharoni Habi/ Ekorani Borhola gaon 63 Bigha covered by Dag No.206, Vill- Ekarani Borholla and 48 Bigha covered by Dag No.02 Vill- Naharani Habi, Mouza- Thowra, Demow (80 Bigha) Infrastructure facilities is already created
    18 Integrated Infrastructure Development Centre, Silapathar (Land and Building) Partly in Silagaon and Partly Lakhipathar gaon of Sissi Mouza, Silapathar, Dhemaji 45.61 Bigha from Dag No.55(P) of Sila gaon and 59.39 bigha from Dag No.19(P) of Lakhipathar gaon of Sissi Mouza in Sissiborgaon Circle Infrastructure facilities is under construction
    19 Integrated Infrastructure Development Centre, Malinibeel (Land and Building) Tarapur Village of Barakpar Pargona of Silchar Circle Pargona – Barakpar, Vill – Tarapur, Circle- Silchar under Dag Nos.270,271,275,277,272 (90 Bigha) Infrastructure facilities is already created
    20 Integrated Infrastructure Development Centre, Moran (Land and Building) At Dikhari Moran gaon about 2.5 KM from Moran Police Station towards Dibrugarh and Less than 1 KM from NH-37 Dag No.138 of Dikhri Maran Gaon in Moran Mouza of Dibrugarh (105 Bigha ) Proposal is under process for construction various infrastructure facilities under ICDP, MSME scheme.
    21 Plastic Park at Gelapukhuri, Tinsukia(Land ) Gelapukhuri T. E., about 3KM from Tinsukia Town NLR Grant Nos.285/261/258/266 under different dag Nos. (1166,34 Bigha) Infrastructure facilities is under construction
    22 Border Trade Center, Mankachar, Dhubri(Land and Building) Mankachar of North Salmara Sub Division in Dhubri Mankachar village of Mankachar Circle covered by different Dag Nos. (6 Bigha 3 Katha 5 Lessa ) Infrastructure facilities is already created
    23 Industrial Land at Sonari (Land) Guwala Pathar, Abhoyapur Mouza, Sonari, Sibsagar Dag Nos.1,3,4 of Guwala Pathar, Mouza- Abhoypur, Sonari Rev. Circle (100 Bigha) The Possession of the Land has been taken over for construction of Infrastructure facilities under ICDP, MSME Scheme.
    24 Industrial Land at North Lakhimpur (Land) Chaboti, Nakani Mouza, North Lakhimpur Dag No.209 of P.P.No:153 of Chaboti under Nakani Mouza, North Lakhimpur (2 Bigha) Sale process is under process
    25 2nd EPIP (State of Art of Industrial Estate)(Land ) Dakhin Mandakata, Borbansagar Mouza, Kamrup, Assam Sarkari Dag No.835 of Dakhin Mandakata of Borbansagar Mouza, Kamalpur, Kamrup(334 Bigha 01 Katha 02 Lessa) Land has been allotted by State Govt. Possession of land is under process.
    26 Tea Park at Chaygaon

    (Land )
    Choudhurypara, Chaygaon, Kamrup Land covered by different sarkari Dag Nos. at Vill - Choudhurypara, Chaygaon, Kamrup(150 Bigha including private periodic patta land) Infrastructure facilities is under construction
    27 Jute Park at Dhing (Land) Batadroba, Dhing, Nagaon Dag Nos.3,4,5,6 of Dhing Town, Mouza – Batadrova, Nagaon (100 Bigha) Proposal for setting up Jute Park is under consideration.