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Government Of Assam Industries & Commerce Assam Industrial Development Corporation Ltd

Major Subsidiary Companies

Investment made by State Govt. of the following PSU:

Sl. No. Name of the PSU Investment Amount (Rs. in Lakh)
1 Assam State Fertilizers Chemicals 1258.79
2 Assam Syntex Ltd. 5942.87
3 Assam State Weaving & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 2502.81
4 Cachar Sugar Mill 1800.89
5 Fertichem Ltd. 1572.07
6 Industrial Paper (Assam) Ltd. 767.10

Status of PSU’s, AIDC Ltd.

The Corporation has following 6 (six) nos. of Public Sector units:

1. Assam State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd.
2. Assam Syntex Ltd.
3. Assam State Weaving and Manufacturing Company Ltd.
4. Cachar Sugar Mills Ltd.
5. Industrial Papers (Assam) Ltd.
6. Fertichem Ltd.

Out of above six Public Sector units, one unit viz. Assam State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. are running with operating loss making stages respectively.

Due to losses of above units from sl.no. 2 to 6, under the Public Sector Reform Programme of Assam Governance and Public Resource Management Programme (AGPRMP), the State Govt. had identified the various PSUs for closure by making an objective study on the basis of parameters laid down of Reform Policy. Accordingly, under this policy, Govt. of Assam has declared closure of the above five units (sl.no. 2 to 6) by clearing all the liabilities including benefits to the employees by applying Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS). The Govt. of Assam has created an Asset Management Cell (AMC) under Task Force for security, upkeep and disposal of the assets and same is acting by AMC under directive of Task Force.